Which Path Are You On Anyway?

Cut Through the Fog and Find Your Path to Having It All...

Are you stuck in the fog and just can’t seem to find your way out? If so, you’re not alone!

Your Path

Most men these days are simply lost, overwhelmed, frustrated, sedated, and just beat up. We’ve lost our way, and so desperately want to find our way back.

Listen to Episode #16 – Which Path Are You On Anyway?

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In this Episode, you’ll hear intimate stories of failure, pain and overcoming incredible odds from Epic Men Founders – Tom Terwilliger and Travis Greenlee. From bar fights, gun shots, bankruptcy, cancer and more…  you’ll learn to cut through the fog and find your path to having it all.

Power Questions:

  1. Which path are you on?
  2. Does your current path serve you?
  3. What action steps do you need to take to clear the fog and get back into the game?

Your Challenge:

Spend some quality time really thinking about your current path.

Get feedback from people you respect, trust and care about; maybe a spouse, a coach, or member of the Epic Men Tribe.

Choose ONE Action Step based on your MOST IMPORTANT value and implement it immediately.

(Example: Gratitude – Start a daily gratitude walk, taking time to consider all that you are grateful for.)

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