Today is Yesterday’s Tomorrow…

The future is here, are you blowing it?

Are you investing in your future or wasting it by living too much in the moment?

Your future self

Chances are you’re not investing enough in the different areas you need to invest in: Your body, your health, your finances, your relationships, your spiritual connections, and you know why… Because your don’t see your future self as being real.

We’re gonna explore that and give you the tools you need on this episode of epic men radio.

Listen to Episode #26 – Developing Your Future Self

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Power Question:

What can you do TODAY to get back into the game and invest in your future self?

5 Action Steps to Develop Your Future Self:

1) Get back into shape now! Http://

2) Consider a cleanse. Http://

3) Read and share the Epic Men Manifesto:

4) Set challenging goals in writing based on your top 3 most important values. See: Programming Your Servo Mechanism

5) Commit to playing a big game this year with an awesome accountability partner.

Let the games begin!

Catch you on the next episode of Epic Men Radio

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