The Winner Effect

Is a Chemical Responsible For The Fabled "Winning Streak"

Could a single biochemical be the catalyst behind the secret to WINNING again and again and again? 

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We’ve all heard the saying “Win, Win situation” but could it have another meaning outside the context of negotiations?

Could winning in athletics, on the battle field, or in business lead to more winning? And could a single chemical be the catalyst behind it all?  If so, how can you assure victory after victory in your life and business without risking it all on a roll of the dice?

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Power Question: How do you handle a loss in battle?

Do you inflate it into a massive failure and lose momentum as a result?

Do you expect it? “I should have know this would happen…I can never seam to win” and keep losing as a result?

Or do you recognize it as feedback and a lesson and as result add to your toolbox and prepare better next time?


Your Challenge:

  1. Have your testosterone levels checked ASAP.
  2. Naturally increase your “winner hormone” through (safe) acute life and death level training.
  3. Forget about “licking your wounds” – Re-frame what you would have otherwise perceived as a loss. It’s a lesson!… and if you gave it 100% recognize that effort as a victory.
  4. Eat, sleep, and supplement in preparation for the battle and expect to win.

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