The Warrior Sage with Satyen Raja

Living in Your Masculine Power and True Freedom

Imagine being a top industry leadership coach with over 10,000 clients worldwide whom love and adore you for the work you’ve done to enhance their lives.

An Intimate Conversation with Satyen Raja

Listen in to learn leadership expert Satyen Raja’s story of overcoming major adversities as a child and how he used them to propel himself into becoming one of the top spirit based, conscious leadership coaches in the world in today.

Listen to Episode #45 – The Warrior Sage with Satyen Raja

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Who is Satyen Raja?

Industry leadership expert Satyen Raja, is the founder of the WarriorSage Group of Companies.

He’s a martial arts expert, and a globally recognized mentor of leaders.

Having proven himself in creating and running multiple successful conscious companies since his teens, he is the well guarded secret advisor, mentor and confidant to high power leaders.

Satyen’s Accelerated Evolution Academy is the premiere Coaching training utilizing the latest breakthrough innovative processes for those who want to make the deepest and fastest positive life transformations with their clients and themselves, while building a 6 figure plus income.

He has taught thousands of students worldwide that along with money and fame comes an intangible thing called total freedom.

What we talked about in this episode:

  • Satyen’s personal story of almost losing it all early in his career because of his self absorbed ego.
  • How to become an awakened leader by bringing more consciousness to our minds and spirit.
  • How leaders like Elon Musk are changing the world with innovation and going against mainstream ego driven profitability.
  • How to move from ego based leadership to one of fairness, love and equality.

Be sure to check out Satyens, you’ll love them!

Power Question:

  • What can you do to become a more awakened conscious leader and servant?

Your Challenge:

  • Consider joining Satyen’s WarriorSage tribe, it rocks!

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