5 Video Hacks to Creating a Rockin’ Brand

How to generate traffic and sales using simple video marketing

What would it be like to have your videos all over the internet, to get in front of and attract your ideal audience, and to convert them into customers and clients?

5 Video Hacks

Listen in as the “Godfather of video” Lou Bortone, teaches you exactly what it takes to build a solid six-figure lifestyle business using the power of video marketing.

Listen to Episode #28 – 5 Video Hacks to Create a Rockin’ Brand

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In this episode you’ll learn:

  • 5 cool video hacks to get the “I see you everywhere” effect
  • The best tools and resources to create incredible videos
  • How to generate tons of traffic using simple video marketing

Power Questions:

1. How can video marketing support you in building your brand?

2. Which of the 5 video hacks are you using now?

3. What new tools and resources can you add to your video marketing strategies?

Your Challenge:

Create your video marketing plan. Set up your production schedule, and get to work.

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