The Power of Personal Branding

Epic Men Interview With Joel Comm

Some Men Build Castles, Some Build Empires, Some Build Fortunes While Others Build Massive Followings And Enough Social Media Credit to Conquer Them All.

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Epic Men’s in-depth interview with bestselling author, internet marketer and all round “Do Good Stuff” guy Joel Comm.

How he used the power of personal name recognition to launch an EPIC Platform.

Listen to Episode #25 – Interview With Joel Comm

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Power Questions:

Q. Are you doing enough to leverage your brand?

Q. How Can you better use social media to serve more people? Can You pick one that reaches your target and develop your strategy around it?

Q. Do you recognize your unique value?

Your Challenge:

Stop holding back what you have to offer simply because it’s not yet BIG enough YET. Find a way to serve one additional person everyday and get them to share your message.