Epic Men 4 Pillars of Strength

The code in which we live extraordinary lives

Have you ever driven in a really dense fog? So dense that you feared accelerating and were even tempted to slam on the brakes and go no further?

Epic Men 4 pillars of strength

How do you navigate and continue making progress in your business and life when the fog is so thick you’re forced to stop moving forward and are faced with the very real possibility of having to turnaround or quite?

We’re going to explore that question and a lot more on this episode of Epic Men Radio.

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Our mission is to…

  • Inspire business leaders to grasp their true leadership,
  • Assist entrepreneurs just like you in taking back the rains of their once driving force ambition,
  • And support men just like you in recognizing and putting into action their power and ability to create a bold and epic life.

The Epic Men 4 Pillars of Strength:

1) Body – We believe Health, fitness and physical strength are inseparable chemical components.

2) Business – The Epic Man is an adventurous person and recognizes the critical importance of money in his ability to both create the life style he chooses to live but also as a way of contributing to the betterment of the rest of humanity on a much larger scale.

3) Spirit – The Epic Man understands on the deepest level that he is part of something much bigger. And that there is a spiritual thread that runs through all of us.

4) Adventure – Men need a sense of adventure in their lives. He thrives on adventure.

Power Questions:

What’s one thing in your body, business, spirit or adventure that you can change NOW to enhance your life?

Your Challenge & Action Steps:

If you’re ready to take back the rains of your team of wild entrepreneurial horses, grasp your true leadership strength, and put into action your masculine power to create a bold and epic life– then start right now with one powerful change that will impact everything else you do.

Stop Drinking – Start Training
Stop Seeing Obstacles – Start Clearing the Path
Stop Expecting Perfection – Start Creating Greatness
Stop______________- Start ________________

This is your Invitation:

We invite you to explore as well as create with us a new way of thinking, a BIGGER way of thinking along with an EPIC way of living, creating and being.

This podcast, our videos and the Epic Men blog are here for you to explore as a way of re-shaping the way you think – we only ask that your explore with an open and receptive mind.

A closed mind is a mind that has stopped growing – you can’t afford that – not now – not ever.

We not only invite you to comment but dare you to do so. We want you to challenge us and help us grow so that we can grow together on this adventure.

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