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How to truly make a difference by sharing your message with the world

So what would it be like to enjoy your life by helping others to prosper with purpose through your own top rated iTunes business radio show?

Ray Edwards

To truly make a difference while earning a nice mid six figure income and do it all from the comfort and convenience of your own home office.

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Who is Ray Edwards?

Ray Edwards is a Communications Strategist, Copywriter, Best-Selling Author, Speaker, and host of one the top iTunes Business Podcasts.

He has worked with Fortune 500 companies, and with some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business.

His clients include New York Times best-selling authors Tony Robbins (author of Unleash the Giant Within and Money: Master the Game, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (co-authors of Chicken Soup For the Soul), Jeff Walker (author of Launch), and many more.

Ray’s advice: “If you have a message to bring to the world or you have something to deliver of value that you haven’t delivered yet, and I believe you do or you wouldn’t still be here, then you owe it to the world and to God who gave you that gift, to distribute it to as many people as possible. And if you don’t pursue it with passion and persistence, then you are robbing someone of a gift that you were put here to give them. So keep on going!”

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Power Question:

  • How can you best share your message with the world?

Your Challenge:

  • Set up your own iTunes podcast and/or Youtube challenge and get rockin’

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