The Nutrition Disposition

Epic Men honor and support their physiology

Have you ever done something or acted in a way that seemed completely out of character for you? Or perhaps for no apparent reason you just had a crappy, negative, and unproductive outlook on the day?

Nutrition Disposition with Logo

The solution may be hiding in the last place you’d look.

Poor nutrition and bad energy mapping can take a positive outlook on life, work and business and spin it on its ear… or flat out knock you on your ass.

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Maintaining a positive mindset and healthy disposition requires steady waters. If your energy, focus and blood sugar have run amuck like some obnoxious kid jacked up on too much freaking sugar, at some point, you are going to capsize – and probably take someone down with you.

The Epic Men Code of Honor states that – Epic Men Honor and Support their Physiology.

Power Questions:

  • Have you ever seen Superman eating at McDonalds?
  • Are you consuming the very Kryptonite that will be your demise?
  • What are you not doing, not enjoying, not experiencing as a result of not being confident in your physically capabilities?


1. Plan and Prepare: Prepare your meals in advance. Know what you are going to eat and when. Any time you get caught unprepared and hungry you have a 100% greater chance of screwing up.

2. Cut the sugar: Candy and sugar like alcohol is an emotional dependency. Identify it and DROP IT like an expired Twinkie.

3. Hydrate: Your body is made of 75% water; that water is needed in almost every metabolic process in our body. If you do not replace it, you will die. Drink a minimum of 62oz per day or more if you can handle it – and twice that if you can’t.

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