Hide, Survive, Attack

What's it gonna be?

One thing Mixed Martial Arts fighters understand – if you want to win, you had better enter the ring with an attack mindset.

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In the ring there’s no place to hide. If you’re intention is simply to survive then you’ve already lost and you’re in for a beating.

Listen to Episode #6: Hide, Survive, Attack

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In your business, relationship, life and even the gym you have the same three choices. You can Hide, Survive or Attack.

  • How to recognize the hiders, from the survivors?
  • Why just trying to surviving will get you beaten down.
  • Who is most likely to go on the attack and why?
  • How your M.O. in the gym is a dead giveaway to how you do everything else.

Powerful Questions:

  1. Do you attack, hide or just survive your workouts? (if you don’t workout check HIDE!)
  2. When was the last time you capitulated to fear, doubt or uncertainty in the gym or out?
  3. If you were challenged to a boxing match (opponent unseen) to settle a $100,000 debt would you accept?

Your Challenge:

Make fat your enemy and take back your power. Lose 5 lbs in the next two weeks by pushing yourself to your physical limits every time you enter the gym, hit the track or jump on your bike.

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