Hero Vs. Coward

Who are you when the shit hits the fan?

We all have a hero as well as a coward lurking just below the surface.

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Every day, without exception there are countless opportunities in our business, relationship and spiritual life to Show Up -Step Up and Man Up…or back up.

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True hero’s come in all shapes and sizes. Most have one thing in common. They will never admit to being a hero. They simply did “what had to be done.” It doesn’t require facing the receiving end of an AK47 and trying to save the lives of dozens of people to be a hero?

  • How to identify weather you’ve been acting as a hero or a coward?
  • Why are hero’s different then everyone else and yet exactly the same?
  • Who has the potential to step up and be heroic when required?
  • When are you being heroic vs. an impetuous fool?
  • When is the right time to walk away and “live to fight another day”?

Power Questions:

  1. Do you run away or freeze in the face of danger or move towards it?
  2. Is your body physically prepared to spring into action at a moment’s notice?
  3. Do you expect someone or something else to come to your rescue?

Your Challenge:

Expose and strengthen the hero in you. The next time you are faced with a challenge or uncomfortable decision consciously move towards the more difficult choice. This will strengthen your heroic emotional muscle and begin the process or making it your new empowered default setting.

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