Face Your Dragons | Brad Axelrad

How to step through your hidden fears to create the life you love

Just like you, we have a burning desire to share our message. We know how desperately you want to get this out to the world. The fire is burning hot, deep in your soul; it beckons to be unleashed.

Face Your Dragons with Brad Axelrad

You might not know what that is, or maybe you are certain what it is. Either way, the world is ready and waiting for you to step through your fear so they can benefit from your life experience and wisdom.

Listen to Episode #37 – Face Your Dragons | Brad Axelrad

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Who is Brad Axelrad?

Many say that Brad has been the biggest influence of their success to date due to his ability to connect them with themselves and others. People experience feeling more connected to their purpose, their families and life while working with him.

As a consultant, speaker and transformational strategist, he helps people bust through their fears to get back into powerful action.

He is known for creating interactive environments that wake people up that include leading technologies for creating both quick and lasting change, integrating Neuroscience, NLP and other modalities.

His diverse background includes having spoken at over 200 live events, webinars, and teleclasses.

The live events he’s produced have created transformation for thousands who have attended.

Be sure to check out Brad’s Programs, you’ll love them!

Power Question:

  • What are the dragons keeping you from having everything you want in life and business?

Your Challenge:

  • Create a plan for breaking free of your dragons to create the life you love.

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