[Video] Dave Lakhani | The Art of Persuasion

The Wrong Guy to Pick a Fight With...

If Dave Lakhani’s imposing size, military special forces background, professional fighting skills and warm inviting demeanor doesn’t convince you, his mastery of the art of persuasion will.

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Convince you of what, you ask? ANYTHING!

Listen to Episode #7: Dave Lakhani | The Art of Persuasion

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In our candid interview with the bestselling author of The Art of PersuasionHow to Sell When Nobody’s Buying and The 12 factors of BUSINESS SUCCESS, president of Bold Approach Business Acceleration Firm and master coach Dave Lakhani shares his best kept tactics and practices for:

  • Getting your business back on course even in the most challenging storm
  • How to be “DISRUPTIVE” in your industry
  • Overcoming a limited business growth mindset
  • Using your cell phone for creating reproducible procedures
  • And the #1 most important skill you MUST master for persuading your prospects to buy from you

Power Questions:

1. Do you have a strategic plan for keeping your business off the rocks and on course for success?
2. What are you doing to be disruptive or innovative in your industry?
3. Have you mastered the art of persuasion for helping move people to where they want to go?
4. How are you using technology for disseminating operational procedures?

Your Challenge:

Pick one strategy or tactic Dave talks about in the interview and take action on it immediately.
Then observe and measure the result. If it works, repeat it.

Watch The Video Below for something unexpected that happened during the interview.

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