Conscious Leadership with Mitchell Stevko

Modeling successful leaders like Richard Branson and Walt Disney

So imagine being a pioneer in the internet investment banking space and raising over $5 billion dollars in growth capital and acquisition value for your clients.

Conscious Leaders with Mitchell Stevko (1)

Then, out of your passion for serving others, becoming one of the top CEO coaches in the world and making a difference in hundreds of thousands of lives.

Listen to Episode #43 – Conscious leadership with Mitchell Stevko

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Who is Mitchell Stevko?

Mitchell is an expert in CEO Coaching, private placements, mergers and acquisitions, and public offerings.

He is an expert in strategy, high performance, accelerated business and personal growth, strategic partnerships, transformation strategies, recruiting, and fundraising strategies.

Mitch also started the world’s first dedicated internet investment banking practice in 1996 for Piper Jaffray, where he advised and coached over 150 CEOs to raise $5 billion in growth capital and acquisition value.

Mitchell is the creator of a unique business model for helping high growth CEOs and teams be more impactful and successful, and combines proven success strategies and proven strategies of conscious leadership.

What we talked about in this episode:

  • Mitchell’s personal story of  from raising $5 billion as a venture capitalist to becoming a top industry conscious leadership coach.
  • The importance of loving what you do and if you don’t, changing it as soon as you can.
  • A key to success is to know when to hold em’ and when to fold em’
  • How to model successful leaders like Richard Branson and Walt Disney.
  • How the millennials are changing the face of conscious leadership and the world.

Be sure to check out Mitch’s programs, you’ll love them!

Power Question:

  • What can you do to become a conscious leader for your clients?

Your Challenge:

  • Take inventory of your current business, are you modeling the traits of a conscious leader?

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