The Common Thread with Jerry Gladstone

How to overcome adversity and live your dreams

So imagine having your life ripped apart after spending your entire career building the business you love.

Jerry Glastone

From earning millions to losing it all, then pulling yourself together and building it all back again.

What is this common thread that connects so many of the most successful leaders, entrepreneurs, and celebrities to overcome major adversities and create incredible lives as a result?

Listen to Episode #39 – The Common Thread with Jerry Gladstone

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Who is Jerry Gladstone?

International Best Selling Author Jerry Gladstone is highly regarded in the self- development industry as a speaker, success coach (International Coach Federation) and founder of The Common Thread Success Academy.

Jerry is a self-made entrepreneur. At the age of 26 he founded a small fine art company and grew it into an international business that specialized in the production, distribution and marketing of a wide variety of entertainment fine art.

Jerry’s business associations has given him unique access to movie studios and celebrities including Twentieth Century Fox Film Corp., The Walt Disney Company, Warner Brothers, DreamWorks SKG, Apple Corps Ltd, Felix The Cat Productions, Jim Davis’ Garfield, Elvis Presley Enterprises, Frank Sinatra Enterprises, HBO, Sony, United Media, MGM, Getty Images among others.

Jerry continues to fulfill his commitment to making a difference in the lives of others by sharing the insights of those he is privileged to interact with.

What we talked about in this episode:

  • Jerry’s personal story of building a highly successful multi-million dollar business and through a crazy turn of events, losing it all.
  • How to overcome and bounce back from major adversities quickly.
  • The common thread of passion and perseverance among top leaders, entrepreneurs, celebrities.
  • How to develop the mindset of a champion.

Be sure to check out Jerry’s Common Thread programs, you’ll love them!

Power Question:

  • How can you turn your major setbacks and failures into incredible opportunities?

Your Challenge:

  • Identify the challenges holding your back and make the commitment to turn them around today!

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