Challenges in Your Life and Business

Why we need challenges to fail, learn, and grow...

When you hear the word “challenge”, the hair probably stands up a little on the back of your neck.

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Many of us associate challenge with pain, struggle and frustration and do everything in our power to avoid it at all costs.

However, as I’m about to share in todays lesson, it couldn’t be further from the truth in terms of your ability to step up and create the things you really want in life.

Listen to Episode #3: Challenges in Your Life and Business

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Lessons from crisis – How stage 4 cancer saved my life.

  • From managing $125 Million as a financial consultant with Merrill Lynch to losing it all
  • The pain, frustration and fear was overwhelming
  • Bankrupt and living in my parents basement
  • Getting raw and real. Telling the truth and climbing out of the pit
  • The miracle of crisis, challenge, and gratitude

Power Questions:

  1. Looking over all 4 pillars: Body, Business, Spirit, and Adventure, where are you being challenged?
  2. What is the root cause of your challenges?
  3. What is one strategy for overcoming your biggest challenge now?

Your Challenge:

Time to get raw and real guys! Pull out a pad of paper and spend at least 30 minutes writing down your major challenges. Next, prioritize them to your top 3 biggest challenges. Now create ONE action step to move you forward in solving these challenges. Share it with an accountability partner, someone who will hold your feet to the fire.

Lastly, share with us how it’s going for you. We’d love to hear from you.

Catch you on the next episode of Epic Men Radio.

- Travis (2)