Dan ‘Punkass’ Caldwell Interview – Part 2

From Air Mattress to Mansion

In part one of our interview with Dan ‘Punkass’ Caldwell the creator of the TapouT apparel brand we talked about mindset, insecurities and humble beginnings.


In part II we dig much deeper into Dan’s partnership with Charles ‘MASK’ Lewis. Charles’s untimely and heartbreaking death as well as the company’s unorthodox tactics, strategies and antics to gain notoriety and rapid growth. I also get Dan to reveal something about himself very few people know… on this episode of Epic Men Radio.

Listen to episode #14: Dan Caldwell Pt. 2 | From Air Mattress to Mansion

Dan ‘Punkass’ Caldwell Interview – Pt I

From $3K to $200M Selling TapOut Gear

Have you ever wished you had recognized an emerging trend or rapidly growing industry and hitched your great idea, business or wagon to that trend?

Dan Punkass

Countless multi-million dollar businesses have been built based solely on the growth of another.

Dan ‘Punkass’ Caldwell did exactly that and as a result turned $3,000 into $200 million selling T-Shirts. In this two part series the founder of TapOut the most recognized apparel name in Mixed Martial Arts talks to Epic Men about money, mindset, success and regret on this episode of Epic Men Radio.

Listen to episode #12: Dan “Punkass” Caldwell | From $3K to $200M

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Challenges in Your Life and Business

Why we need challenges to fail, learn, and grow...

When you hear the word “challenge”, the hair probably stands up a little on the back of your neck.

Untitled design (4)

Many of us associate challenge with pain, struggle and frustration and do everything in our power to avoid it at all costs.

However, as I’m about to share in todays lesson, it couldn’t be further from the truth in terms of your ability to step up and create the things you really want in life.

Listen to Episode #3: Challenges in Your Life and Business

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