My Battle With Stage 4 Cancer

It was a little over 14 years ago. I remember lying in my hospital bed feverishly listening to the rhythm of the pumps as they pushed chemo into my veins. What a strange sensation, I could literally feel the burning poison travel from limb to limb throughout my body.

Starting with my shoulder, then my chest and into my stomach. I suddenly sat up, and with an uncontrollable surge, vomited and begin to cry like never before. In that moment, I realized that my life was out of control and that there was a good chance I wouldn’t make it.

Yep, a scary time in my life. I had just been diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma and was undergoing my first round of chemo. I knew I was in bad shape from the tears that fell from my dad’s eyes as he videotaped my struggle. My dad has always been my hero – so strong, and so full of belief. To see him in a place of utter pain and helplessness was overwhelming. Not knowing what to feel, how to react, or what to expect… I calmly slipped into a place I’ve never been before. It was surreal, almost magical.

My mind raced… was I going to die or would I make it? What about my dreams? Would I have the opportunity to raise a family, build a business, make a difference? I remember gazing out my hospital window to the park below. Watching the families play together, dogs running, children rolling around in the fallen leaves, living life to it’s fullest. I felt sorry for myself. Why Lord, why me? What have I done to deserve such pain and fear? I’m only 34 and have my entire life ahead of me.

You see, up to that point, I felt invincible, as if I would live forever. I never really gave much thought to the possibility of dying before my parents, my friends, and my family. I acted as if I had all the time in the world to create my dream life.

Not that I wasn’t doing well, after all, I was successful in many respects. I had a wonderful job as a financial consultant and business advisor, an impressive title on my business card, drove a nice car, lived in Newport Beach, California. I thought I had it all together.

Looking back, I realize how small I had been playing. I had one foot in and one foot out of the door, not truly on purpose with anything. I was sitting in the stands watching the game rather than stepping up to the plate and swinging the bat myself. I talked about my goals and aspirations, dreamed about them, yet never really took the actions necessary to allow them to happen. Deep down I guess I was afraid. Afraid of failure, and of what people might think of me. Afraid of taking a risk that might not work out. I was even afraid of becoming successful because of the added responsibility it would bring. What crazy thoughts.

It was in that defining moment while fading in and out of consciousness that I committed to designing and creating the life I had always wanted. One filled with love, peace, vitality, security, financial abundance, and unlimited opportunity. To follow my passion and purpose and make a difference in the lives of those I touch through coaching. Since then, life has never been the same. It’s been a miracle and a blessing!

It’s taken me years of hard work to build my life back. From a health perspective, I’m feeling great! Better than ever. I’m riding my mountain bike, snow skiing, hiking, golfing, and working out on a daily basis and absolutely love it. Thirteen years ago I fell in love with and married my soul mate Teresa. What a gift!

We have a beautiful home in our dream town of Steamboat Springs, Co. and enjoy an amazing community of loving friends. Our Epic Men Tribe continues to flourish and supports thousands of guys to enjoy more fulfilling lives.

So, how about you? Are you living the life you love? Are you enjoying a life filled with peace, happiness, joy, and abundance? Are you truly excited to be alive?

The message of this story is very simple. It’s important to realize how delicate and precious life really is. Your life is a gift from God that should be appreciated, nurtured, and cherished. Live each day as if it were your last, taking the time to appreciate your many blessing and truly enjoying the moment. As you do, you will discover the miraculous.

– Travis Greenlee