The Brocebo Effect Will Leave You Limp

3 social influence rules that can keep you from swallowing this pill

Whether we like to admit it or not – other people’s opinions of us not only matter but can play a major role in influencing our own opinions… even about ourselves.

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If those outside opinions come from people we trust, like or look up to, or even closer than that – from our bros, possy or tribe it can actually circumvent what we know to be true for what we want to believe.

Listen to Episode #4: Brocebo

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  • How the Brocebo effect is like a sugar pill that can create the illusion of power?
  • Why it can have you seeing something in the mirror that isn’t actually there?
  • Who deals the Brocebo drug?
  • When is taking the Brocebo pill hardest to resist?

Power Questions:

  1. Are others over-influencing your thoughts, feelings and decisions?
  2. How do you stay grounded in confident humility?
  3. Do you welcome and invite honest feedback even when it might hurt?

Your Challenge:

Be completely honest with yourself about one thing that you’ve been told by others is a strength or yours – but you know needs work. Then find one tool, skill or shift in mindset that can begin turning it into a real strength.

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