Get Back Into The Game!

How to get back up after you've been beaten down...

So you’ve been hammered a bit and have lost your sense of direction…


The question is, what are you going to do about it?

It’s time to get your ass back into the game.

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So I get it, you’re frustrated, overwhelmed and just can’t see straight. You don’t know what to do, your confidence has been beat to shit. You feel like you are laying on the mat and just can’t get up.

Oh man, we’ve all been there… and it’s a tough place to be. Damn scary and lonely!

I’ve fought my way through this cycle many times with both business as well as cancer.

What I’ve learned is this is the time for gaining incredible clarity about what you really want, developing a solid plan to get you there, and playing full out until it happens.

It all begins with GETTING BACK INTO THE GAME!

  • Manage mindset. Your routines, habits and rituals.
  • We have a choice: Respond vs. React
  • Focus on what you want vs. what you fear
  • It’s going to be ok. There still is time to create an epic 2nd half.

Power Questions:

  1. What sucks in your life now?
  2. What do you really want?
  3. What are you going to do about it?

Your Challenge:

1) Get a clear head – Nature, exercise, meditation
2) Attitude of gratitude – What are you thankful for, what do you love?
3) Serve someone – Spend time with them, invest in them, love and support them
4) Get an accountability partner – Someone who will hold your feet to the fire

Catch you on the next episode of Epic Men Radio…

- Travis (2)