Pound The Blues…Brother

Push to Exhaustion to Balance Your Blues Fighting Chemicals

The holidays can be a time of celebration, friendship and family or they can SUCK THE BIG ONE!!!

Kick The Blues with Radio tag

How, with all the chaos going on around us can we as entrepreneurs maintain the disposition, attitude and chemical balance needed to keep marching, undaunted towards our objectives without falling prey to the blues or full blown depression?

The answer is on this episode of Epic Men Radio.

Listen to episode #17: How to Pound The Blues Brother

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Which Path Are You On Anyway?

Cut Through the Fog and Find Your Path to Having It All...

Are you stuck in the fog and just can’t seem to find your way out? If so, you’re not alone!

Your Path

Most men these days are simply lost, overwhelmed, frustrated, sedated, and just beat up. We’ve lost our way, and so desperately want to find our way back.

Listen to Episode #16 – Which Path Are You On Anyway?

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Dan ‘Punkass’ Caldwell Interview – Part 2

From Air Mattress to Mansion

In part one of our interview with Dan ‘Punkass’ Caldwell the creator of the TapouT apparel brand we talked about mindset, insecurities and humble beginnings.


In part II we dig much deeper into Dan’s partnership with Charles ‘MASK’ Lewis. Charles’s untimely and heartbreaking death as well as the company’s unorthodox tactics, strategies and antics to gain notoriety and rapid growth. I also get Dan to reveal something about himself very few people know… on this episode of Epic Men Radio.

Listen to episode #14: Dan Caldwell Pt. 2 | From Air Mattress to Mansion