Turning Into A Lard-ass This Holiday?

It doesn't have to be that way...with these tips

Every Freaking Year it Happens! It’s January 2nd, you look in the mirror and feel like crap because you promised yourself it wasn’t gonna happen this year.


There’s still time to change that outcome.

Listen to Episode #21 – No More Lard-Ass

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The Man Who Toppled Jack LaLanne

Interview Dr. Bob Goldman

From Guinness Record Holder – to Epic Patent Holder – to Anti Aging Authority our guest on this episode of EMR also  crushed Jack LaLanne’s record for the most consecutive handstand pushups.

Bob with Radeo logo

Wait till you hear what he has to say about today’s most popular Anti Aging strategies…PLUS

Q. How do we run at full speed towards our challenging objectives day after day, year after year without a damaging our body and agingJG_GoldmanOneHandstand faster in the process?

Q. How can you and I as seasoned entrepreneurs tap into the excitement we once had for our business and our life… right now?

Q. And how in the hell did this guy, a man of science do 161 Consecutive One Arm Push-ups?

Listen to Episode #20 – Interview – Anti aging with Dr. Bob Goldman

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The Winner Effect

Is a Chemical Responsible For The Fabled "Winning Streak"

Could a single biochemical be the catalyst behind the secret to WINNING again and again and again? 

Lion with radio tag

We’ve all heard the saying “Win, Win situation” but could it have another meaning outside the context of negotiations?

Could winning in athletics, on the battle field, or in business lead to more winning? And could a single chemical be the catalyst behind it all?  If so, how can you assure victory after victory in your life and business without risking it all on a roll of the dice?

Listen to episode #18: The Winner Effect

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